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Jewelry has always held a special place in my heart, connecting me to; people, memories, experiences, accomplishments, dreams, and filling me with love. 

When I was a little girl, I remember going through my mom's jewelry box making her promise me she would save each piece for me. She would tell me stories about where the pieces came from or who gave them to her. I have vivid images in my memories of both my dad and stepdad wearing jewelry as if it was just part of them, like a hand or foot. I remember and cherish all the pieces I have bought or received as gifts for different events or accomplishments in my life. Now, some of my most cherished pieces are those previously worn by family. Wearing those pieces makes me feel an everlasting connection to their love. 

My creative process starts with playing and moving the materials around, letting the design evolve into forms that feel right to me. For me, this process flows freely and naturally. Part of playing involves challenging traditional ideas and looking for the unexpected in contrasting looks and finishes. I love designs that can look old and new or hard and soft at the same time. Much of my inspiration comes from shapes and textures found in plants, water, architecture and lighting.

My dream is for the jewelry I create to fill you or your loved one with all the love, connection and memories that I have felt over the years.



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